Sunday, March 14, 2021


I have written about my children many times in the past.  They are easy to write about! They are constantly doing something that sparks my need to write... or vent in this case.  Calling them children is a misnomer.  My oldest is 20... so a quasi-adult and the youngest is 17....a wanna-be adult. The 20-year-old is away at college so our interactions are limited to phone calls, text messages, and the occasional snap.  The 17-year-old is here at home in all his teenage glory.

The thing about teenagers is there are a lot like toddlers.  They are longing for independence but not super sure how to get it.  They still want you to help them if they fail but don't really want you to help at all... if that makes sense.  The MAJOR difference between the two stages is a toddler's quest for independence is small in comparison... like jumping off the bed or telling you a defiant no.  A teenager's quest for independence is WAY bigger and comes with so much worry for the parent. 

Another fabulous - insert major eye roll here - thing about teenagers is that their emotions can switch on a dime. For example, yesterday we were having a great day.  The weather was nice, and we had been chatting companionably on the new deck.  We read a little, listened to his newfound love of PINK FLOYD?!? , and just hung out.  Then, we came inside.  The wanna-be adult was getting bored, he wanted something to do.  He started the familiar refrain of "I am bored... what can I do.... I want to do something".  So I started suggesting things... first mistake.  All my suggestions were wrong, not something he wanted to do, or dumb.  "No, I don't want to do that... why would I clean my room... the book is boring... I will run later... no I don't want to cook... MOM!"  Meanwhile, my husband is in the kitchen growing more irritated by the second... as am I but I know not to poke the bear.  Finally, my husband while he is walking out the door to start the grill snaps, "Stop Whining! Find something to do".  Uh - Oh ... he poked the bear.  Doors are slammed, feet are stomped and the quiet afternoon is OVER. Well.. it was quiet since he didn't talk to us until right before bed.  Teenagers can hold that moody, angst for a LONG time!

I love my wanna-be adult, don't get me wrong.... he is a great kid! I know this will pass and he will grow out of this.  But right now... parenting a teenager is no joke! 


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. We use the 'don't poke the bear' saying at our house a lot, too. And I'm sure you also know that when there is more than one teenage sibling in the house you can expect even more moodiness. And for some reason, these people are allowed to drive.

  2. Oh, boy. And I'm sure the limitations of a pandemic have not helped in the least. Here's hoping for an eye roll-free Sunday for you! :-)

  3. Preach!

    First, I could totally see this because of great description. Second, I could totally see this because it’s basically my life. (Were you spying?). Only difference is the ages- 22 & almost 15.

    Third- The 22 just got over the bump and is fun and enjoyable most of the time. We will get there!!!


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