Monday, March 29, 2021

Do over?

 Ever have one of those days.... you know the kind where you feel as if you are going 90 miles an hour ALL DAY long? That has been my day today.  I just can't seem to slow down, or have anything go exactly as planned... or even part of the way as planned.  I hate to say I need a do-over, but I might.

It all started at the really early hour of 3AM.  Something woke me up and I struggled to get back to sleep. So, I have been essentially up since 3.  I got out of bed at 3:56 - which is only 10 minutes early.  I thought I would use those ten minutes to my advantage and get to school.  I worked out - that went well - got a good sweat on.  I thought ok, it's gonna be a great day.

Well... not so fast! I didn't like what I had to wear so I changed clothes.  That took forever since I couldn't decide whether to dress for the morning temp or the afternoon temp. I went with a t-shirt and a sweater - a great compromise. Now I am down a few minutes.  I hurriedly make my breakfast, drink my coffee, let the dogs out and take off for school.  

Well... not so fast! My husband drove my car last, so I had to rearrange the seat and steering wheel.  Not a big deal, but I was hoarding those minutes like they were Reeces Peanut Butter Lovers cups. I get all adjusted and head to school.  Score! I am the first one there.. I will have the copy machines to myself.

Well... not so fast!  Although, I had them to myself... it took me almost an hour to separate what I needed to copy and make the first big batch of copies.  So, I didn't get to slice in the morning.  That makes my afternoon even more rushed since I need to feed the teenager at 4PM.  Then, the chickens arrived early from their weekend vacation.  I had to stop copying to tend to the animals and then I never went back because the bell was ringing.

And on and on and on, the day went.  One thing would delay the next thing, a surprise observation was mixed in and overall I just want to sit down.  Well... not so fast! I need to post this and I have 3 minutes to spare before the hungry boy gets home! Do over tomorrow? 


  1. It's amazing how those minutes add up, isn't it? You definitely share the kinds of details that help a reader to visualize what was hectic about your day. I do have questions about the chickens back from their weekend vacation. . .

  2. Oh yes--I have had these days! I hope you have a more relaxing (and slow) evening! Also, I totally want to know more about the chickens returning early from their vacation!

  3. The space between your events did a great job of speeding things up and slowing things down, matching the hurry-up-then-wait of your post. The few seconds lost in adjusting the seat seemed especially slow for the contrast between your intention and your reality. Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Ugh! We've all had that kind of day, I'm sorry it was a crazy one! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  5. Kudos to you for finding time to post! I really enjoyed your slowed down, yet rushed writing style in this post.

  6. What fun this! Even though your frenetic pace is not great for you, it certainly resulted in a fun post for us to read. The "Well, not so fast..." refrain is a winner.


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