Saturday, March 13, 2021

Spring Fever

 Spring is here... you can tell by the crisp mornings and cool afternoons.  You can tell by the birds chirping in the early morning and the misty fog that rolls off the fields.  You see more people walking, porch sitting, and outdoor dining. You can tell by the increased energy in a classroom!

I began to notice the tell-tale signs of classroom spring fever earlier in the week.  The slightest uptick in temperature begins to alert the little people that summer is around the corner.  They become more restless, more apt to blurt, and they nit-pick each other more.  

The little humans begin to beg for more recess... "please five more minutes?.... that wasn't enough time..." Recess time during the spring fever outbreak becomes a time of intense competition and an increase in arguments.  "Mrs. Garrison... he cheated....she won't let me play.... he broke the hula hoop...". In fairness to the little humans, the big humans want to spend more time outside, too.  We all enjoy the break from the stale classroom air and breathing in the fresh air.... unless you have allergies!

Spring fever is a thing...  just like the way teachers can predict a full moon.  We can tell that the temperature is warming, that spring sports are ramping up and the kids have been staying up later.  Homework is left undone, kids are more tired, and more minutes are spent staring out the window.  Ask any Educator you know, they know when spring is coming without looking at a thermometer! 


  1. You are so right! And, thank you for the reminder. I couldn't quite put my finger on what has been up with my students this week; yes, it's spring fever! The cure sounds good to me, a little more time outdoors :)

  2. Isn't great that amid all the chaos and change ... some things remain the same. There is a profoundness in this slice ... as humans - tiny and big - there are universals we can predict and that connect us. I am hoping this past year has taught us -- go ahead and take the extra 5 minutes. Thank you for sharing


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