Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Little Dog

The youngest and the smallest of the dogs is fierce.  He is the first to bark at all things real and imaginary.  He watches the neighborhood like a scout in the army... surveying, watching for danger, and giving a loud warning when things are amiss.  The dog stands about 24 inches tall with a white face, white paws, and a reverse brindle coat. 

He makes his presence known.  When you enter his house, he barks furiously at you.  He does not bite or nip, merely demands your attention.  He will jump on you and stretch his body to the max to ensure that you see him as if you could miss him with his incessant barking.  If you happen to move floors and reenter, he will announce your arrival with a series of barks.  He is fierce and determined to garner attention.

He is as equally loving as he is loud.  He is the first to jump up to sleep snuggled up to you.  He will find his spot next to your legs on the recliner only moving when you move.  He will sleep all night snuggled up to your legs.  (this makes it very hard to sleep).  Once you are his person, you are his person forever.

The little dog loves to play with the large yellow dog. He doesn't seem to know that the large dog has him by 65 pounds and almost 12 inches in height.  He attacks with veracity and might.  He lunges and yips, darting in and out making it hard for the larger dog to keep up.  He will race through the yard with speed and agility, often leaping over plants, steps, and his larger bff.  He is amazing to watch.

The little dog is loved beyond belief by his human and canine family.  Tiny but mighty all the way!

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  1. What a love letter!
    Many dog owners are going to relate to this :)


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