Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Father's Day is right around the corner. Such an important day to lavish respect on the unsung heroes of the family.  Father's have it rough, I believe.  According to norms in society, they have to be strong and stalwart, providing for their families and providing the "wait until your father gets home" kind of discipline.  I know these norms are old fashion and out of touch, but I will venture to say that in more homes than not this is the role the father takes on.

In my childhood, that was the kind of dad I had.  He was quiet and calm.  He could correct a behavior with the shake of his head. He worked long hours, often leaving the house before 6 and returning around dinner time.  Five days a week, he spent at the office providing for his family.  The weekends were not days to just lay around, no way! My dad worked in the yard or his garden on Saturdays.  Sundays were spent watching his beloved Steelers and eating Sunday Roast Beef dinner as a family.

Sundays were my favorite because he was home all day and we could share an apple and peanut butter while watching the game.  I am the only daughter and as most daughters do, had a special bond with my dad.  He was the calm in a storm, the safety net when I was scared and the voice of logic in all things.  He was the nicest man I knew and had the best belly laugh around.

I often hoped that I would find someone just like my dad.... calm, strong, faithful, kind and wicked smart.  I hit the jackpot! My husband has shown my boys the kind of dad that they should be.... strong, loving, kind, fun, hardworking and wicked smart.

Like my dad, my husband works long days to provide for his family.  Lets face it... my teaching salary is not enough for anyone to live on! He has missed out on many games, or school events while working.  He has tried his best to make all their games... often eating at the field, or taking a call while coaching first!  He has spent the majority of his weekends for the last 13 years or so at either at a baseball or lacrosse tournament.  Cheering them on, offering advice when needed or strategizing over the next opponent.  The "boys" have spent countless hours watching sports.... MLB baseball, LSU football, NFL football and on and on.  He has arranged trips to all their favorite teams games and provided them with unbelievable expereinces.  All while quietly showing them what a dad, husband and man should be.

Mom's may be the north star of the family, but dad's are the vessel that carries you through a storm.  Strong, trustworthy and silently doing their job.  Thank you to my dad and to my husband!  Hats off to all the Dad's out there!!


  1. I read somewhere that a strong, successful woman usually has a strong, loving father in her background. My father is still someone I can turn to for advice. My husband is the rock of my world and that of my three daughters. Thanks for sharing this post for all fathers. We do hold them up to a model of fatherhood. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for the fathers in my own life.

  2. It sounds like your family has a wonderful balance between mom and dad.

    Hope Sunday is a wonderful day for him.


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