Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Big Trucks and Kayaks

"Hey, Bill... Can you help me load this kayak?" That is how my trip into real life began. I met my BFF Emily for much-needed girl time, exercise, and a chance to dip my toe back into the lake of life.  With help from my husband, my kayak was loaded into the back of my oldest son's black F 150.  I ran around like a crazy person gathering waters, a protein bar, and sunscreen.  "Have I forgotten anything?" I pondered my list... water... check, snack...check, sunscreen.... check. "What am I missing?"  A towel, I need a towel! I ran to the laundry room and grabbed a blue patterned beach towel from the top of the dryer.  So glad that I never got around to putting that away!  I hoist my small self into the big truck, put the key in the ignition, and begin to back down my steep driveway.

I roll the windows down, plug in my Spotify place list and head down the road. Jamming out to a variety of country music, I choose the scenic route to Red Top Mountain and Lake Allatoona.  As I am driving along, I frequently glance back to double-check the kayak.  I am always a little afraid that thing is going to go sailing out of the back of the truck.  I know that it is strapped in with the super fancy yellow ratcheting straps... but still I can't let go of the notion that the kayak is going to fly out.

Whew, I made it to Red Top Mountain Road and crossed the super narrow bridge.  Seriously, if you have ever been across this bridge you know what I mean... it is one of those bridges that were made a long time before ginormous SUV's,  two can barely fit and I always feel like I am going to bump along the side of someone.  Around this time, Emily calls to tell me that she has bought me a parking pass and to give me exact directions to the place that we are going to put in our kayaks.  They go something like this......" Go to beach road, go to the left.... stay on the main road.... go past those orange barricade thingys, go down this really steep hill and park."  Ok, I think I can do that.  Nope.... I miss the beach road and have to turn this big truck around and head back towards the bridge.  I see the street and turn left onto another impossibly narrow road....seriously people I am driving this big truck.  Anyway, I bear left on the road, go past the barricade thingys and down a really steep hill.  What was she thinking... is what goes through my mind as I lose sight of the road as the grade of the hill is so steep.  As I make it to the bottom, I see her standing outside of her son's black F150 (that's funny right... our kids have almost the same car... it's a Georgia boy thing). I stick my head out the window, wave and attempt to park.  Well, it takes me a couple of minutes to decide where to park and then to actually park the truck.

I jump out of the truck and we laugh at the absurdity of us in these trucks.  We decide on a place to put the kayaks in and begin to unload.  As we do, it as if we haven't missed a beat.... "Your's first... sure....... Did  I tell you.... No way really?...  And on and on the easy flow of conversation continues as we make our way to the water and begin our day on the lake.  "You first... OH MY GOSH this is cold... I knew you would say that!"

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