Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Simple Joys

Life is full of simple joys.  In this time of uncertainty, change, and anxiety it is important to seize the moments that bring us joy.  All to often, we are caught in the muck and mire of the day... never pausing to smell the roses or marvel at the sound of the birds.  I say that we use this tumultuous time in our lives, to reflect,  to grow, to seize the moments of pure bliss.... whatever they may be.

For me, the smell of morning coffee and the pleasure of drinking it hot and not in a rush is a simple joy.  Many teachers can attest to the fact that our coffee is either consumed lukewarm or in such a rush that you don't get to enjoy it.  I am going to enjoy my coffee hot, while not rushed and enjoying the quiet start to another day. 

Hearing the sounds of laugher from people young and old playing outside is a simple joy.  My boys have played countless games of corn hole and the sounds that they make are hilarious and smile-worthy.  The sounds of the two young boys next door playing whatever made-up game they play daily takes me back to when my own boys played outside with their imagination.  Pure, simple joy.

Watching multiple movies in a series, or multiple seasons of a show with my family brings me simple joy.  How lucky am I that my almost 20 year old wants to watch tv with me?  He isn't rushing off to be with his friends or girlfriend, he is content to sit with me.  We rewatched all the Avengers movies and are now on to Survivor.  Silly, shows I know, but who cares he is watching them with me and I get a chance I wouldn't have had without this pandemic.

Do I miss things? Sure.  Do I wish things would go back to normal? Sure.... for the most part.  But right now, I am choosing to see the simple joys in my life.  I choose Joy!


  1. Your writing rings true for me as well. How many joys I have missed out one because life was too busy. Now I am noticing all sorts of things that bring me joy. Nothing better than having the time and not feeling guilty about watching TV with your 20-year-old!

  2. There have been many simpler moments — like a walk in the park or family dinner — that I’ve learned to savor during these unprecedented times.

  3. This time of dramatic disruption and change has delivered us an opportunity to reflect, find solitude and value what is most important. Your post provides clear evidence of your reflective capacity. Valuing simple pleasures is critical to our well being. Joy indeed. Thank you Chrissy, you have touched upon some important matters in your valuable and considered piece.


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