Sunday, March 22, 2020

Things to Pass the Time

Today I am struggling to write this post.  I can't seem to settle on a topic, as my brain jumps from topic to topic.  I haven't been able to turn off my thoughts today, even after working out.... my brain just keeps running through the ever-growing list of things to do. I even dreamed about school, it was a nightmare....I had to teach math! (I only teach reading/writing/social studies)  I tried creating a to-do list, but I keep adding more before I can check one off.  I know that I am not alone in this issue.  It is a safe bet that the majority of my education colleagues, and many others, are struggling to turn off their brains and relax.

So, today I am going to force myself to read a silly book, or watch a silly movie.  Maybe I will just sit here and watch Netflix all day.  That whole Netflix and Chill thing.... I can find a show and practice that.  I could get some crayons and color.  Maybe I can write in a journal or start writing something more than a journal.  The options are endless except now I have a new series of thoughts running through my head.  Maybe I need another list?

No, I need balance.  We all need balance in our lives, more so now than ever.  So today, I am going to practice achieving some balance.  I will mark a few things off my list, hang with my family and enjoy the day.  Positivity and balance will be my two goals today.


  1. Last night I dreamed I had to teach my class a French song for a performance that day and it was our first day of French class. Am I feeling anxious about the prospect of online classes in April? Possibly. Fortunately, I am a knitter. Knitting helps me focus, and I can lose myself in an audiobook while I am crafting. Definitely find something fun to do. I read something recently about lowering our productivity expectations and just enjoy life right now. Seems like good advice.

  2. Yes, balance is so important! The first step is awareness and it looks like you can put a checkmark next to that on a list! I can completely relate to your feeling of running thoughts. I think it stems from feeling that we are not doing enough as educators - especially since we aren't physically with our kids right now. It is NO vacation and as such, it can get tricky to relax and just be. My daily yoga practice is proving to be one of the things that I cling to and take immense pleasure in for putting things into perspective and helping me find clarity and focus when I might otherwise feel an immense sense of overwhelm. Sending you good vibes to find ways to meet your goals for today!

  3. I, too, have been struggling with finding a topic and writing. It took me days to even write a to-do list and then I don't follow it at all. It's hard to focus during this time. Like the commenter before me, yoga and taking daily walks help. Thanks for your honest post.


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