Monday, March 23, 2020

Miller, the Wonder Dog

Miller is my family's large blond lab with a personality to match his name.  Well, calling him a lab is questionable. 

We set out about three years ago to get another dog.  After months, maybe even years, my boys and I convinced my husband to get another dog.  We really did not want a dog that sheds, so I began to research dogs.  The boys and I wanted a large dog with lots of personality and of course, we wanted to stick with the one requirement my husband shedding.  We didn't tell my youngest since this was going to be his birthday present, so I searched alone for the perfect dog.

I came across a post for Labradoodles near us at a very reasonable price.  I knew this type of dog did not shed, so I showed my husband the pictures and we agreed that this was it.  We eagerly awaited my son's birthday to give him his gift.  He was so excited!

We had the pick of the litter and drove the hour plus to pick him out and up.  I was leaning towards the chocolate one, they were leaning towards the yellow ones.  When we arrived, the super nice lady showed us to her barn with all the puppies. I wanted to take them all home, I almost convinced my hubby to get two!  My husband and Drew quickly bonded with the puppy with the most energy.  Of course, my oldest, Cody, and I bonded with the largest, most cuddly of the puppies.  Drew won and we brought home the puppy with the most energy.   I mean look how cute he is!!

Well, that little dog grew and grew and grew.  I mean into a 110-pound lab....yes you read that right a lab. There is no doodle in my lab!  The vet actually laughs each time I tell her that he is a Labradoodle.  He is the best dog ever!  He has a personality to match his size.  He loves everyone and everything....which can be a lot, if you have never had a 110-pound dog sit on your lap, you haven't experienced his level of love.  He barks when he wants you to play, often making a weird closing of his jaw sound.  He yips when a toy is stuck, he flips his bowls over when they are empty... in general, he lets you know he is here.

 I am so glad my husband loves him to pieces since this dog sheds you could knit a small dog from the fur that is left around my house.  Maybe I should have listened to all the clues that were present, the price for one, but I didn't and I am so glad that I didn't  We should all be loved by someone like Miller loves us!


  1. Miller sounds like a gift you did not expect but needed. I do not have a dog, right now, but have been rethinking having a dog in this era of isolation. That unconditional love you describe is a powerful force.

  2. I live alone and am so thankful for Lucy, who I often write about for SOL, including today. She has no idea about the pandemic but is very happy that I am home so much these days. She is almost 14 and has slowed down a lot, but she still chases her tail from time to time.Miller sounds like he was the perfect fit for your family.

  3. Miller sounds like he is the perfect dog for your family! Too funny that the Labradoodle is all lab. And your line about knitting a small dog from all the shedding is just great.

  4. Just found your blog, and I am so glad I did. Love the title and your stories :)
    Best, Kellee from


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