Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hanging with the Big Kids

The current situation in our country and world has forced many of us to "socially distance" from each other, to isolate ourselves in our homes. With that isolation or distance, comes many facets of emotions and situations. It will try relationships between partners, siblings, families and work relationships as we all navigate this new normal.  As I have made a conscious decision to only focus on the positives, I have found many bright lights in my socially distant tunnel.

Here are a few:
I had the unusual opportunity of working with my youngest son to create videos for my students to watch.  He took a class in audiovisual technology last semester and learned all the fun things you can do when making a video. He volunteered willingly to help me spice up my videos. We recorded a video for my students to wish them a great weekend, he added a song and an ending meme.  I loved the time that we spent together and I heard from many of my student's parents that the kids really enjoyed the video.  The best part is he is onboard to help me make more!!

My oldest has been away at college and we do not see him as much as I would like.  That has all changed.  I have had the pleasure of just hanging out with this incredible young adult.  We have had the best conversations and trips down memory lane.  I have had many chuckles at how much he is still a kid and so predictable in his behavior.  Case in point yesterday, I made tacos, his favorite.  Before I began to cook, I mentioned that I was making them. He quickly told me he was full, he had a big lunch.  Well, predictably, about halfway through the cooking process, he was ravenous and wanted to know when they would be done! He had at least three helpings... this Mama's heart was so full.

The "Boys" helped me pull up these bushes that have been driving me crazy for probably five years!  They are both so strong and old enough to do these things on their own.  It was cool to watch them work as a team to dig them swinging the ax and the other wielding the shovel.  I was the job EVER! Guess what... they are ready to take out more bushes today.

Social distancing isn't all bad.  We just need to embrace the parts that are good, focus on the positives that happen.  Give each other grace and show kindness to our isolation partners.  I am making the decision to see the sunshine in the situation.... I hope that you can too!


  1. This is, I think the upside, of this sown time. We are getting the opportunity to slow down and get to know people in a new way, whether in person or through technology.

  2. Social distancing means family time for many. You are so fortunate to have your sons for awhile and they are glad to contribute and help. Many bright lights, indeed. Thanks for sharing.


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