Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bravery, and Coincidences

Today for my student's virtual writing lesson, they will be writing about a time when they felt brave or witnessed someone being brave.  This writing is a yearly writing contest we do for our local Kiwanis club. Most years we pick a different prompt for all of the fourth graders at my school to write about.  This year has been a crazy, busy year for my team and we decided WEEKS ago to use the same prompt as last year.  Little did we know the situation in which these kids would be asked to write in.

When we made this decision, there was very limited talk of COVID - 19.  Maybe a few playground conversations amongst teachers, probably a few tweets were read but never in our wildest dreams could we have predicted our current situation.  Yet, here we are asking our kids to write about being brave, what bravery means to them, what it looks like to them. Isn't it strange that we kept that topic?

 I wonder if they realize they are being brave. That every day they get up and read their daily task and get to work, they were brave.  Not in the I faced down a bad guy way, but I in an I am stepping out of my comfort zone, my norm kinda way.  I think that is brave.

I think we are all showing acts of bravery.  We are all facing a new norm, a new way of doing everything and most of us are doing just fine.  In my humble opinion, bravery isn't just a heroic act it is stepping up, stepping out of your comfort zone and making the best of it.  I applaud you all for your acts of bravery today and every day! 


  1. I think bravery is getting up and carrying on in the face of obstacles. Your kids are really doing it. We were on a two week closure - one week of closure + Spring Break, so we weren't asked to provide work. Yesterday, the closure was extended through April 28. I assume we will be asked to provide some work for this six week closure. We are all checking email frequently hoping for some guidance.

  2. I really appreciated this post! I don't feel brave either but put on a brave face for my students. I think this will be a great conversation starter for us! Thank you


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