Tuesday, March 17, 2020


For many of us, day one of virtual learning is done.  We have survived the uncertainty, the overwhelming sense of apprehension that plagued many of us. I think that is safe to say for everyone involved; parents, teachers, and students. We are in unchartered territory. Some of my colleagues are better prepared than I am.  Many high school teachers have had an online classroom so to speak for a long time.  Many of my fellow elementary teachers flip their classrooms and use more technology than others.  Yesterday, that didn't matter.  We are all in the same boat!

As a collective teaching population (parents and teachers), we walked the same walk.  Technology stopped working for everyone, even for a minute.  People felt a new appreciation for each other, whether that was a parent realizing what a small portion of teaching was like, or a teacher realizing that they can't sit still for long periods of time. Students may have realized that they do enjoy going to school....probably too soon for that.... at least at my house 😉!  My point is that we were in this together, at the same time going through the same things.  How cool is that?  How often in your lifetime will you be able to say that? 

I have made a conscious decision to see the positive, the good, the sunshine through the clouds so to speak.  Will today be challenging?  Sure it will, I have no doubt there will be issues and glitches and things that don't work.  Life is messy and there is no reason to believe that virtual learning will not be. You know what?  That is ok! I will deal with what comes my way.  After all, I am a teacher and a mom of two teenage boys.....I can do anything!!

PS - You can see the reason this blog is titled Sunshine, Kindness, and Teaching, right? I am such a Polyanna 😜


  1. We need some Polyannas right now - truly. We cannot change what is happening so we have to look for the opportunities and the benefits. Thank you for inspiring us all to look at the bright side - we do control how we choose to respond in this situation.

  2. Your post is one of courage, of making the best - seeing the positive makes all the difference. It is a good time to be a Pollyanna (haven't thought of her in years!). That new appreciation people are developing for one another ... that's priceless.

  3. I really appreciate the honesty of this. We are only off for two weeks - officially. Next week is Spring Break, so we were given no direction about eLearning or expectations. I suspect, though, that if this goes on much longer, we will be asked to provide some online learning opportunities. I brought my laptop home so I would have access to the files I have saved there. Those of you navigating online learning already will help me out if/when our time off is extended.

  4. I don't think holding on to a positive attitude in trying times, under imperfect circumstances is being a Pollyanna. I find it brave and tenacious. At least you have accepted that perfection is not the goal- which is freeing. :-)

  5. Togetherness and cohesiveness is a wonderful feeling! Good luck to you as you navigate these waves and waters with togetherness.


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