Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Symbol

The giant piece of workout equipment, the Gold's Gym weight system, is being dismantled.  It has been set up in my formal living room since April of 2020.  You guessed it, we assembled it during the early days of Covid.  The home gym became a solace to my family, an inside joke, and the topic of many blog posts and writing assignments.  Now it stands as a monument of what has transpired over the last two years.  

Like Covid, it is slowly being downgraded and will be moving on to a new place.  It will no longer stand sentry over our house. It will no longer peer at us as we move through the house as if to say come here let me show you what I've got. It will no longer signify all that was lost.  It will no longer be a topic of conversation.  It will no longer be here. 

Maybe somewhere, some other time we will use the gym or fear we need it.  For now, the constant reminder of what was is being dismantled. 

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