Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Right Now...

 I was inspired by a fellow slicer to complete a different kind of slice.  Here goes!

Right now I am…

Sitting: I’m sitting at the counter drinking my first cup of coffee, about to go to school.

Wondering: I’m wondering if my students will finish their RBQ by Friday and if my youngest will really go to the college he decided to go to on a whim last week.

Savoring: I’m savoring the hint of caramel in my morning coffee along with the amazing aroma of a just brewed pot of coffee

Avoiding: I’m avoiding creating morning slides for my homeroom, sometimes they are so tedious.

Hoping: I’m hoping that the weather improves for Spring Break.  I really need it to be above 73, so that I can enjoy the beach.

Hearing: I’m hearing the sound of the birds as daylight breaks.  The sweet chirping signaling that the day is beginning.

Crafting: I’m crafting the responses to my many emails about student homework and poor reading comprehension grades. 

1 comment:

  1. I liked reading your morning moment before school. Mentioning the hint of caramel in your coffee was a detail I especially enjoyed.


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