Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The note

 The note is tattered and worn.  It's taped haphazardly to the kidney table. The note is full of love, promise, and phonetically spelled words.  The small, white note was one of thanks from student to teacher written on copy paper and cut out with love.  

The writer secretly placed the thank you note on my desk.  She wanted me to know how much she was inspired to write more, that she loved writing and couldn't wait to be a writer.  I taped it lovingly to my desk, a year later it is still there.  The note reminds me that I am making a difference, that my love for writing shows through to my "kids" and sometimes it just takes reaching one student to make a difference. 

The writer of the note struggles academically.  She is in the remedial group - often leaving class to receive help.  Somehow she always made it back for writing! Writing gave her a purpose, an outlet, and a chance to be successful.  That is what we want for all kids - to find the joy in education, to find their purpose, and above all... to feel successful.  This girl, this note... she felt like she was successful, and she made feel that way too.

The worn, tattered note of thanks warms my heart.  What a simple gesture, what a moment of pure kindness the note is.  She has no idea how much that simple note means, but I do.  Every day her kind words, her note from the heart reminds me that I am doing something right. 


  1. The note -- you are right. Pure, simple and from the heart. I worry it is a lost art. Many don't slow down to write a note - email seems easier. I think there is a difference. I hope you have it forever.

  2. Clare, I love your story! It's simple and so true! In those gestures we endure!

  3. It seems to me that these notes appear when we most need them too. So innocent and genuine. I love finding handwritten notes on my desk.


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