Monday, March 22, 2021

The Little Guy

 We have a large dog and a smaller dog.  For us, the smaller dog is really little but for most, the small dog is normal size.  The little guy loves big and wants to be near you at all times.  He will lay touching you for hours on end... often refusing to move.  This is all fine and dandy until you try to sleep - then it becomes a problem.

I usually go to bed before anyone else.  I get up super early in the morning - like 4AM during the week and around 6 on the weekend, so by 8PM, I am ready for bed.  The little guy knows exactly what I am doing when I push the button on the recliner and sit up.  My next step is to plug in my iPad, take my allergy medicine, and then head up the stairs.  He pops up from wherever he is sitting and bounds up the stairs.  

He always makes it up the stairs before I do.  I can't seem to trick him into letting me be the first one into the room.  He leaps onto the bed and turns his customary three circles before settling in. At this point, he is on the opposite side of the bed.  Which is perfect, but will not last long.  Eventually, my husband comes to bed and the little guy moves to underneath my feet.  Sweet right?!? No, it's not.  This little 40-pound ball of love will not move and generates enough heat to warm an entire house! You can push him, pick him up, even yell at him and he will not move. Once he is settled in, he is good for the night.

Now, my youngest is supposed to come and get him and take him to his room.  That happens less and less.  The little guy makes it so hard to pick him up, it has become more of a hassle. Sometimes, we take him to the youngest room, not often enough though.  This little dog melts into the bed! He is so set on staying where he is.

Last night, was no different. I race up the stairs to try and shut the door before he gets there.  Of course, I lose out.  He turns three times and settles in.  I am fine at first... I settle in and fall fast asleep.  The problem begins around midnight.  Now my husband is fast asleep and the little guy has moved right under my feet.  He won't move, the covers keep getting stuck and the heat he generates is too much.  I push a little, nudge some with my feet... nothing.  He won't move.  I stand up, thinking I will move him tonight.  Just as I get close to him and put my hands on him... he moves closer to my husband.  I quickly get back in bed, the heat is gone, I can move my legs... and I drift off to sleep.  I can't imagine my husband can say the same thing. 


  1. Your Slice is so detailed that I can picture the scene completely! Brings to mind the mini dachshunds of my youth. They would claim their spot in our beds, too--but being burrowers, would be under the sheets, harder to move!

  2. I love this so much! Dogs in beds are exactly where they need to be, despite the heat generating!!! HA! You're a good dog momma!


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