Tuesday, March 23, 2021

What's that Noise?

 "Ping, Ping...Tap, Tap"

"Ping, Ping...Tap, Tap"

"Ping, Ping...Tap, Tap" What is that Noise? It starts softly and grows in loudness as I reach the bottom of the stairs.  Should I be afraid... no that doesn't sound like anything scary. I quickly make my way down the hall, flip on the light switch, and see the puddle.  

It takes a minute for my mind and eyes to connect.  I see the wet area rug, the wet hardwood floors but can't quite connect the two.  As my eye drip up to the source of the wetness, I spot the leak.  "Oh great, I think", not another leak.  We have been plagued by leaky pipes for the last two years, and it looks like another one sprung a leak. 

My mind is fully awake now.. not what I want to deal with at 4:05 in the morning.  But I do... I grab my largest soup pot and place it under the drip.  I dry up the wet hardwoods and sorta stare at the mess that is now my kitchen.  Oh, well... I better go work out.

As I ascend the stairs from the basement, sweaty from my boxing workout, I hear a new noise "Ting, Ting" "Ting, Ting".  This is the terribly, annoying sound of water hitting the large metal soup pot.  "Maybe I should have made a better choice", I think. I turn off all the lights in the kitchen since the dripping water is close to the light and turn on the light over the sink.  Then, I make the mistake of looking backward... the small leak is big.  I can see the water trails across the BRAND new ceiling - we had a leak here last year and had the whole ceiling replaced. "Great" I exclaimed out loud to no one.  

Not much I can do this morning, I have to head to school.  Although, I do wake my husband to tell him about the leak.  "Hey, Bill... we have another leak in the kitchen" "Huh? What! Oh great!"

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  1. Oh no!! If you handled this situation as coolly as you seemed in this slice, I admire you! I would have been FREAKING OUT.

    Hope you get it all fixed up soon.


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