Friday, March 26, 2021

The Comfiest Sweatpants Ever...

 I saw a meme on Facebook yesterday, posted by one of my friends and colleagues. The meme went something like this:  When I get home my first objective is to change into something that makes me look homeless.  This is so me... and I really thought I was the only one to do this!  

My arrival at home goes something like this.  

    Enter to wildly barking jumping dogs.  Give them lots of love.

    Set all of my school things down. Plug in my laptop. Empty my lunchbox.

    Race up the steps.  Yell a passing hello to my husband.

    Take off my "covid" clothes... even if it's my comfiest dress down outfit.

    Put on my son's high school baseball sweatpants - they are about 3 sizes too big - and my comfiest             sweatshirt - which is about 3 sizes too big.

    Put my crazy hair up in a top not and take a deep breath.

    AHHHH - pure heaven!

Now, I look like a crazy person.  I am pretty short - around 5 feet tall - my son is 6'1.  I have to roll the sweatpants up at the waist and at the bottoms.  My sweatshirt is sometimes on inside out... but who cares.  I am so comfy, I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way.  Sometimes that is grading papers, helping with my youngest homework, or dreams of dreams, sitting on the couch with a good book.  Sadly, I have gone to the grocery store looking like this! I slap on a hat, put my mask on, and you can barely see my face. It works!! 

Isn't it funny how a random Facebook post can hit home... especially when you thought you were all alone in your crazy, comfy outfit. 




  1. Comfy at home is a pillar of well-being. I enjoyed reading your post and fully support your choice of clothes. :)

  2. I suspect your comfy outfit is a close replica of many teachers. Before retirement I hurried to change, too. I wore the same thing every evening, even if it had crusty food on the chest. Comfort matters.

  3. I definitely change into pajamas when I get home from school too. And I have no qualms going out like this in public either. Hiding behind a mask helps now though.

  4. I clicked hoping you were going to tell me where to buy a new pair of comfy pants! Do you think your son's high school would sell me a pair? ;)
    My children shower as soon as we get home school school and put on fresh pyjamas. That is alway amy goal too, but sometimes it takes me a bit longer


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