Thursday, March 25, 2021

First Time in a Year...

 Today is the first time in over a year that we have attended school four days in a row.  Normally, we have Wednesdays off so that the building may be cleaned.  This week because the county is providing vaccines to the teachers, they have switched the asynchronous day to Friday.  Last week was the same way, but severe storms were set to move in and we were virtual last Thursday and Friday.

Boy, to say that I am super tired is an understatement. I have forgotten how it feels to get up at 4AM this many days in a row.  I am not sure I have enough coffee to make it!! How did I ever do this five days a week?  I guess the body adjusts to the schedule and it becomes normal.  But right now... not so normal!

I can only imagine how my students will be feeling this morning. They haven't done this either... I wonder how many will choose to go virtual today?  How many will be late because they needed to sleep in?  I am sure that the ones that are here on time, will be slow going and super tired.  Which we all know can go one of two ways. The kids will be super chatty or they will be little zombies.  I don't know which one I would rather show up... I am so tired and I know my reaction to their behavior will be different than normal.

Nothing much to do but to just make this day work.  I will embrace the tired... because at least I can sleep in a bit tomorrow. I will embrace whatever little people show up... because I love them tired or not.  I will embrace my million cups of coffee... at least I have plenty.  Let's hope I can embrace all these things!!


  1. I too am feeling tired. Yesterday was remote. But we're 4 days in with everyone now. It's different than hybrid. It's a good tired. I think the kids will need some adjustment time to this schedule, as do we as adults.

  2. It’s good that you acknowledge the tiredness in yourself and anticipate it in your students. This is hard work, and there’s no normal yet. The weekend is near. Hope you have a good day!


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