Saturday, March 20, 2021

People Passing Through

 Late yesterday afternoon, my son and I began to scroll through Amazon photos.  With Prime, they have an option that you can store all of your photos, and you can share them with your family.  So, all of the photos from my phone automatically upload to Prime Photos.  What is even cooler is with the Fire Stick, the photos stream to your TV!  How cool is that... its like our own family slide show.

Anyway, for some unknown reason, we decided to look at all the photos on Prime.  We started with the most recent, skipped a lot of the ones that come up on the TV, and really focused on some we haven't seen in a while. I can't tell you how much fun this was.  It was cool to see the enjoyment this brought my 17-year-old.  He laughed and smiled and asked a ton of questions.  We spent lots of time looking at his hair - he has great blond hair - I mean girls would die for the color and the thickness.  He has had a variety of hairstyles through the years and most of them were pretty long.  He has it short now.... but I know after looking at the pictures, he will be growing it out again.  

He is an old soul.. often looking right to the heart of the matter or offering insight that most teenagers don't have.  He mentioned to me near the end, "I haven't spoken to a ton of these people in years... like this one... maybe a decade."  "Wonder what they are doing?  We spent all kinds of time with these guys... I bet they wouldn't recognize me now." "Wow, that's kinda sad that people just are in your life and then they aren't"  We talked about how sometimes, especially with sports, families spend a lot of time with the people they are playing with, and then when the team disbands or the seasons over, people move on.  Not all people, there are many we still talk to or communicate with in some way, but lots have moved on.  Sure you chat when you run into them, or vaguely wave hello like you remember them from somewhere.  It is pretty strange to think of all the people that have passed through your life.  I haven't really stopped to pause and consider how many that has been.

To keep the situation light and fun, we ended with the video when his older brother had his wisdom teeth out.  Probably shouldn't have shown that to him.... going to be lots of teasing going on about that.  At least we have all of the pictures and videos to remind us of the people, places, and events that have happened. 


  1. What a beautiful reminder to appreciate the ebb and flow of people and places in our lives that have brought us here today. Beautiful.

  2. You and your son have a fantastic relationship. You had such deep conversations as you went through the digital family album. Fantastic memories.


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