Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Finally Got it!

 Today was the beginning of getting back to normal... or at least I hope so!  My state finally made teachers eligible for the vaccine. We have been waiting patiently... ok not so patiently... to receive the vaccine. Today was the big day for me and many other teachers across the state.

I was very fortunate to find an appointment near me and on the first day.  I kept hitting refresh on the site until a slot opened up.  It was almost like back in the day when you would try and get concert tickets.  You know, how you would hit redial a bazillion times until you got through.  I was almost as excited about making the appointment as I was when I scored Garth Brooks tickets! Who would have thought that getting a vaccine appointment and the vaccine itself would elicit such happiness?!?

The entire process was pretty painless, in case you are wondering.  I signed in, filled out various forms, and answered the Pharmacist's questions. We were so busy talking that I didn't even realize that she gave me the shot!  It really didn't hurt at all.  Now, I will say that I could tell in the muscles of my arm pretty much right away.  They became pretty tight and stiff... almost like when you get a tetanus shot.  You have to wait for about 15 minutes after the shot to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction and then I was on my way.  That is the entire process!

I have been lucky so far!  I have some discomfort in my arm.  It is sore, tight but not overly painful.  Again for comparison's sake, it is like a tetanus shot.  I did a pretty calm workout this morning and will do a more rigorous workout this afternoon.  Hopefully, by then the stiffness will be gone!

So for those of you who haven't gotten it yet, and wanted a run down... there it is.  I am so happy to have made the first step towards getting back to normal.  

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