Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The End!

Wow! About a month and a half ago, I stumbled across the Two Writing Teachers site while researching ways to improve my teaching of writing.  Little did I know that my research would lead to the growth of my writing, the building of a community of writers that I am proud to be a part of, and the empathy I have for my students. I could have never predicted or even imagined the change in our world in the last 31 days. March has been a bear, a beast, a month to be reckoned with.

So, to end my slice challenge I have decided to reflect on lessons learned, experiences I have had and plans for my writing.

I Have Learned....

What I start out writing, often takes a turn and takes me in a different way
Writing is hard but so rewarding
Patience and Grace in times of struggle or change is paramount
A kind word from a stranger can brighten your day
Sometimes, just putting pen to paper (fingers to computer) is all it takes to break writer's block
Having someone "get" what you are writing about and agreeing with you validates you
21 days makes a habit
The world is really small
People all over the world can share in one experience and benefit from their sharing
Washing your hands is very important
After washing your hands a million times, lotion is your friend
Never take for granted shaking someone's hand or giving a hug
People really like toilet paper
In times of crisis, people band together to help others
I am not cut out for a sit behind a computer kind of job
School is not just the books or curriculum, school is the people in it
School is about relationships more than it is about education
I miss my 51 fourth graders a lot
Family is a blessing
We should not take our health for granted or our family
Life is all about your attitude, you choose how your day is going to do
Be happy, choose to be positive, make the best of a crazy situation
You can not make everyone happy, accept that
Finally, above all choose kindness.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a wonderful writing experience. My plan is to keep on blogging, either every day or a few times a week.  I have benefited from the outlet and the release. My ability to empathize and help my kids grow as writers has changed in unimaginable ways.  Till next March....

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  1. It is amazing what we can learn in a month, isn't it? And what a month it has been! I hope you do keep blogging and that you will share some of what you write on Tuesdays.


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