Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Embracing the Crazy

It's 5AM on day who knows what of social distancing and I am embracing the crazy.  We have all felt it that feeling of "I can't believe I am stuck in this house again!" Those quiet moments I love on the Max Trainer, when I get all my thoughts for the day together when my mind settles into the groove of the day are gone.  Replaced by new thoughts of worry, anxiety and unease.  I can't seem to shake the restlessness within my thoughts. 

So today, I am embracing the crazy.  I embrace the million pounds of Lysol Wipes that I use to wipe every surface of my house.  I embrace the crazy thought that maybe I should spray the dogs with Lysol.....I didn't but I really did think about it.  (Totally off topic, but one year we all got the flu from the dogs...everyone would cuddle with the dogs for comfort when we were sick and sure enough whoever petted them next got it!) I embrace the fact that I will continue to respect the government's suggestion to stay socially distant. 

I am also going to embrace seeing my students for the first time in over a week via a video conference.  I am going to embrace their laughter and let them talk all over each other.  I am going to embrace the increased workload.  Begrudgingly, I am going to embrace this computer.... I could never work at a job where I have to sit behind one all day!

Today, I will embrace the crazy.  Crazy looks good on me!


  1. I have been feeling restless. I think it is because of the uncertainty. I never have trouble finding a rhythm on summer vacation, but I am now. I am trying to develop some sort of rhythm. My morning routine is easy, it's what happens afterwards that has me at loose ends. I will probably figure it out just in time to get back to work.

  2. Ah, embrace sounds like accept. Let in. I have been through a couple days of low level, under the radar worry and fear. Your thought about Lysol spray on the dog reminded me of the way I was wiping things down as if the Covid-19 virus seeped into my house through the cracks around the windows and doors. It is good to feel our feelings right now, isn't it?


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