Sunday, March 27, 2022

Getting old...

 I was inspired by another slicer to write this post! Thank you to each and every slicer who inspires me and countless others. 

If you have read any of my other posts, you know that I am a bit of an exercise fanatic.  Up every school day at 4AM to get in my daily workout - a mix of weightlifting and yoga.  I am in decent shape - not magazine-worthy but ok for my age.  I eat pretty healthy, except for the Friday night treat I allow myself. 

Fast forward to last Tuesday... I am eating lunch with my partner teacher and we are just chatting away.  We decide we need to check something on the computer, which is located around my desk near the front of the room.  I make my way to the computer at a totally normal pace.  I move the chairs around my desk to the side and stand in front of my computer.  I casually turn to look to the right... not a full turn but a half turn sorta turning my head more than my torso. And BAM, the spasm hit my lower right side.  Like a full-on spasm that took my breath away and caused me to grab frantically at my back.  My coworker asked if I was ok - I guess the pain was evident. She kept repeating, "You just went to your computer!"  

All I did was walk to my computer, but sometimes muscles tighten.  My back was fine within a half hour or so. It was needless to say a humbling experience - a reminder that we all age and with it comes random inexplicable injury. 


  1. Mine was a bag of groceries in each hand and a sneeze! Lower back is tough. Glad you recovered quickly. Loved the title - couldn't resist

  2. Sorry you had to experience this. Good it passed.

  3. Oh, yes. Mine is usually my knees. I can turn and my knee go out. You inspire me with your 4:00 am workout time!

  4. The difficulty of getting older is when it hits when we least expect it! I'm glad it wasn't a long-lasting ache.

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