Monday, March 1, 2021

Well, here we go again.....

 Have you ever done something that you know is going to work out in the end but you really aren't sure about?  You know, that I should really do this kinda feeling but you can barely muster the energy or focus to do it?  That is how I feel right now about committing to the monthly challenge.  I know that it will be very rewarding when I am finished, but I am struggling to get my thoughts out. 

I think many of us find that we are stretched too thin, that our minds are spent, our bodies are tired and we just can't.  Just can't take one more thing.... just can't complete one more project... just can't stand the smell of Lysol... just can't.  We all have Covid fatigue.  We have been in a constant state of flight or fight since this time last year.  Taking on something challenging yet rewarding seems insurmountable.  

Yet, here we all are.  We have committed to making ourselves do something normal.  We have committed to honing our craft, of showing our students that even when things are hard you can do anything.  We will find joy in the camaraderie of our shared goal, of our shared passion for writing, of our shared desire to find some normalcy. We will become a community of writers.

So today and for the next 31 days, I will write this blog.  Some days will be rough, some will be wonderful and some will just be ok, but I will keep writing.  I got this... I am a teacher after all! 

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