Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Ignorance is Bliss....

    Today is day seven of pre-planning with eight more to go.  My district has decided to have three weeks of pre-planning. Yes, you read that right....three weeks of pre-planning.  They have developed a new learning management system for the students to use and we have to learn it all!  Needless to say, we have been busy learning this system and worrying about what's to come.

    To give you some background, we are starting the year virtually.  The transition rate of COVID in my community is considered high and our Superintendent made the decision to have the students learn from home.  Teachers will be in the building to teach but have the option to teach remotely if needed. To say that the decision to learn virtually has been met with mixed emotions, is like saying fish need water.  I have never in my life heard so many differing opinions on what is the best option.  Frankly, I have stopped reading the millions of posts and begun to bury my head in the sand.  Maybe ignorance is bliss!

    I know that this year will be dramatically different than any other year.  I know that students will have adjustments to digital learning.  I know that it will be a huge learning curve for all educators... this is not the spring, we are expected to be brilliant.  I know that some parents will be so thankful and appreciative of the hard work that goes into creating digital lessons and the fact that we are taking time away from our own kids to create the lessons.  I know that some people will not be happy with digital learning no matter how fabulous the lessons are.  I know that people will write all about it on social media... the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I know that we, as teachers, will be judged like never before.  

    I know that I will love my new crop of fourth-graders.  I know that I will give 110% to ensure that I am meeting their needs.  I absolutely, 100% know that I will address their social and emotional well being before we begin to talk about content.  I know that I will put my relationship with my students at the forefront of my teaching.  I know that I will continue to be me... digital or not!

    I know that I am not a box of chocolate.... I can't make everyone happy. I know that some people will not be behind digital learning no matter what.  I know that I can't change everyone's mind on things.  I know that there will be those that don't show up, give their all, or even try.  That's ok because I know that I will. 

    I know that I will take care of myself.  I know I will continue to work out every day at the ungodly hour of 4AM.  I know that I will take my vitamins and eat healthy.  I know I will drink so much water that I can no longer stand it.  I know that I will spend time reading silly, beach read kind of books.  I know that I will spend time with my family and my dogs.  

    Maybe ignorance is bliss! Today, as always, I am going to focus on the things that I know.... to focus on the things that I can control.  I will absolutely continue to choose joy, kindness, and happiness.  Above all, I know that after these next eight days of pre-planning, I will be the best teacher that I can be.  Good luck to all of you as you embark on another amazing year....whether digital or not!


  1. I appreciate you stating ALL you do know. My 2 weeks of PD in VA begins on Aug. 24th. I'm going to flag your post and reread when I start to feel overwhelmed. it helps to know I am not alone. Your 4th gradrs are lucky. Keep learning and stay well and safe.

  2. I had to laugh when you wrote, "I know that I am not a box of chocolate.... I can't make everyone happy." How true this is! It reminds me of the conversation I heard a mom having with her kids at Target yesterday. The kids (who were both in elementary school) were telling her how much they liked remote instruction while she was decrying it.
    You can't make everyone happy. Just do your best.

  3. You are an amazing teacher and those families are blessed to have you lead them through this journey!! As a friend and colleague I’m glad I have you on this adventure and I hope I can choose joy and kindness like you do!! One thing I know too is that I will NOT be doing 4am work outs🥰🥰 love you and love your words of encouragement!


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