Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I Told You So....

As a small recap to an ongoing saga of home gym assembly, my youngest son's gym closed in late March due to Covid -19.  We had an unassembled home gym hidden in a storage closet in the basement.  My husband, being the good father he is (insert eye roll here!), told my youngest about the gym and said we could put it together.  Two weekends later, a gazillion trips to Ace Hardware and the machine was not finished.  We were all exhausted, agitated and at a loss.... the machine was winning the battle. 

I pointed to one point in the pulley system and repeatedly....seriously like a million times.... told "the boys" that this was our issue.  I just could not understand the logic of the design and could see that it visually did not go there. I showed them pictures, I backtracked on the directions, I hypothesized that the missing inches we needed to connect the last piece were lost in that one section.  Well... no one believed me or to be fair, no one cared enough at this point to listen.  So, we threw in the towel and walked away. 

Fast forward two days... I am upstairs meeting virtually with my fourth-grade team and hear sounds coming from the front room where the gym is located. Sorta like the clang of metal together, what could that be I wonder.  The sounds are faint but I can just make out the noises of exertion, of murmured voices and then what sounds like something going up and down.  All of this is happening while I am behind closed doors, trying desperately to concentrate on my team all while trying to determine what the sounds are.  Stupid teacher ears.... we hear everything!  Now I am so distracted by these new noises and miss parts of what is being said.  I force myself to focus on the team, figuring that the call will end quicker if I actually pay attention!

Finally, the call is over.  I close my laptop with vigor, make a mental note of the things that I still need to accomplish today and open my bedroom door.  Sure enough, the sounds are louder.  It is definitely coming from the front room and it is definitely the sound of something being pulled up and down.  I quickly descend the first half of the staircase, make the turn towards the second half of the stairs and get a clear view of the front room.  Sure enough, they have finished the machine and it works! 

I pause about halfway down the second set of stairs and survey the situation.  The boys pause and await my reaction.  I ask them what the issue was and how did they fix it.  They sheepishly reply that it was the pulley area I said didn't work... not in those exact words but it was my idea after all.  Being the fantastic mom I am, I broke out in an I was right dance that lasted a few minutes.  The dance was complete with song, lots of shaking, and lots of I was right.  My boys just looked at each other and said, "I told you she would do this!"  Momma is always right!!

Seriously, the gym has been a great solace for my teenagers.  My husband has joined in the workouts too and the gym has provided another layer of bonding.  The whole experience was long, painful at times but well worth it.  After all.... I was right!! 😜

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  1. Nicely captured. Lots of positives- assembly kept everyone busy and exercising will keep everyone healthy hopefully, and mom was proven right!


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