Thursday, March 26, 2020

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

I couldn't quite decide what to write this morning, no great post or small moment came to mind.  There was no one thread running through my mind, just a great big bunch of randomness.  So, I thought I would follow the lead of some of my other slicers and post my random thoughts.

Peeps, you know those marshmallow treats at Easter, should not come in random flavors. I like the different shapes, I love the ones dipped in chocolate but COTTON CANDY.  Totally, gross! I love cotton candy by the way, but not in Peep form. Bleh!

Taking a break, practicing self-care is good for you.  I just shut it all down yesterday afternoon and enjoyed reading my book, which is something I haven't been able to do in weeks.  Take the break!

Talking on the phone again is kinda cool.  I text so much with people because it is easier I guess.  I have been talking on the phone with friends and it is great.  I remember when that was the only way to communicate... no texts, no snap chats, no tweets or posts. Just good old fashioned conversation!

A good mindless read is magical. I am all for improving my knowledge base, reading for information and blah, blah, blah.  BUT there is nothing quite like just being swept away by a story. Beach reads for the win!

Boys are really messy. When they go away to college, you forget that they are really messy and leave everything behind... you know their trash, their clothes, their shoes, and the list goes on and on.  Seriously, I found two empty bags of chips, an empty bag of Cheez-Its, an empty pringle can and about 5 empty water bottles under his bed.  GROSS!

Boys also eat a lot of food.  One teenager eats a ton but two teenagers...WOWZA!  I keep thinking to myself we are only supposed to leave the house for essentials...have they fed teenagers before? 

We all adjust to new routines.  Things that were so difficult last week are easier this week and the same will happen next week.  Humans adapt, adjust and things become the new norm.  We will have to adjust to getting back into the real world.  I wonder if we will complain about going to work when this is over?  Will we hug people more?  Appreciate the beauty of the world and those that live in it?  I want to say that we will, but we will just adjust, adapt to that normal again.  #appreciation

Random thoughts for a Thursday morning....


  1. "Talking on the phone again is kinda cool"

    So true! With so many people not at work it is easier to get them on the phone. And it is nice to hear a different voice from time to time.

  2. I think a free flow write is a very good way to see what is on your mind, under the surface. I like the point you make about getting used to this "normal" -- accepting it...and then when we go back it won't feel "normal." I'm glad you are having good conversations and reading for pleasure. I hope our students get to read a lot more for pleasure, too.


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