Sunday, March 15, 2020

Passing the time...

I have started and stopped writing this post numerous times.  I can't seem to shake thoughts of COVID- 19 out of my mind.  I want to write something that is not about what is going on in the world, what is happening in my county, state and neighborhood but I am really struggling.  Writing seems to be an outlet for me (and many of my fellow slicers).  It is sorta like a brain dump before a big test.... I just need to get it out.  But I also realize that many of us need to hear, think, read, listen to something other than this virus. 

So, here goes..... Yesterday, I watched a movie that actually held my interest.  I am a watch and read kinda person.  Not yesterday, I actually put down my book for this one.  The movie was Bombshell. The actresses portraying the female newscasters did a brilliant job and man, did they look just like the real people. (Yes, I looked it up... I am that person!) At times, I forgot that Charlize Theron was not Megyn Kelly.  I am sure it will not be a movie for all of you but it was an interesting thought-provoking description of events. 

I also facetimed with a friend and laughed out loud.  She is a parent, colleague, and friend and she has taken seven of our chickens home for the weekend/week.  She called to show me that the chicken had spit its water on her face... like literally the water was dripping down her face.  I didn't even know chickens could spit.  It was super funny and her antics while describing the situation were priceless. An added bonus was that I got to see her daughter who is one of my students. 

Today, I plan on reading a book, taking a break from social media and the news and grading the never-ending pile of papers. I am pretty sure that graded papers multiply overnight.  I swear there is always more there than I should have.  Could be that students suddenly "find" their missing work... what were they like socks in the dryer than suddenly reappear?

I hope I got your mind off of the craziness for just a minute, I know that it was good for mine!


  1. I understand your challenge to start the slice. For the past two weeks the virus has pushed itself on the centre stage, and I have looked for virus-free writing opportunities. Thank you for your slices. Spitting chickens? Enjoy the book you have chosen to read today.

  2. That image of the chicken is priceless. I really enjoyed Bombshell too, more than I thought I would.
    I hope you love the books you are able to read.

  3. I am with you on your mind being occupied. My goal is to try to capture happy moments or memories this week in slices!

  4. I've been knitting and listening to an audiobook a lot. It keeps me away from the news. Funny that you mention Bombshell. Yesterday, my sister told me she and her family were watching it. This second appearance of the title has me thinking I might need to watch it. I'll be knitting while I do so.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I've felt similar the last few days. Covid19 is all over the news and the worry about how uncertain everything is can be too much. Thanks for the recommendation for a movie and the reminder about the stacks of papers I have to grade as well. Hope your day today goes well.

  6. Nice work, mentioning how obsessive we can be with the pandemic, and yet managing to share two really cool things with us about your day. Did not know chickens can spit. Nasty! And, I'll find that movie, Bombshell. Your review was enticing. I find I'm having to give myself permission to have other things on my mind...and it's so healthy.


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