Monday, March 9, 2020

Bucket Fillers

The world needs more bucket fillers, the kind of people who choose joy and kindness.  It doesn't cost anything to fill someone's bucket, it is absolutely free.  What else can you say you can do for someone that doesn't cost a thing?

Bucket filling can be a kind word, helping someone with a task or even opening the door for someone.  It is the little things that can make such an impact.  Filling someone's bucket can turn their day completely around. 

I had a few really great bucket filling moments today. When I came into the school at the early time of 6:10, I noticed that all of the teacher's doors had been decorated.  See, it is teacher appreciation week at my school.  I paused at each door and marveled in the love that was put into the doors.  There was one door in particular that really stood out (other than mine!).  This door was totally decorated in camouflage and had dog tags on it.  The door nailed it! What a wonderful gift to this teacher - her kids "get" her.  I eagerly made my way to my door and was blown away.  They had decorated my door as if it was a race, since I love to run, and put shoes around the track.  These were not just plain old shoes; no, these shoes had handwritten messages from my students.  Little bits of love all around the track.  How awesome is that?  I started my day with a big smile.

The bucket filling continued with a message from a student.  This message was sweet, inspirational even and just gave me that feeling of this is my why.... this is why I do this.  See this little girl did not love writing at the beginning of the year,  (Can you even imagine?) but she does now.  She writes all the time, anytime we have a break she is writing.  This just made my bucket overflow. 

All of this bucket filling didn't cost a penny.  It was done from a place of love.  If we just focused more on filling buckets and stop all the negativity, we would be much better off.


  1. It's lovely that you zoomed in on an action that is so important and relevant to us as teachers, caregivers, etc. Thank you for the reminder after a long day.

  2. Compliments go so much further than criticism when it comes to feeling good and getting the work done, I agree.
    I am particularly touched by the girl who now loves writings. Those were my bucket fillers [before I retired].
    Your picture of the tennies all around the door with messages from students is lovely.
    Not sure all the negativity will go away but if you find the wish wand for that, please wave it over the entire planet!

  3. Amen to more bucket filling. I like how personalized each was. What a great way to build community.

  4. Cannot love this post enough. That is so cool the students decorated doors to match the teacher’s personality. Thank you for filling my bucket with this slice.


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